The opportunity to produce world-class wines doesn’t exist everywhere.  

Tectonic plate movements that occurred millions of years ago, coupled with coastal influences and predictable weather patterns are the essential precursors that create an ideal synthesis of terroir; climate, soil, and topography that transports us to the threshold of greatness.

To complete this masterpiece, the winemaker becomes the artist who can express the union of grape and terroir by handcrafting a wine that speaks to both in an extraordinary, compelling way.


Thirty-five years ago, Robin Baggett began farming grapes in California, at the same time, researching and evaluating the crucial requirements for producing these types of wines.  Together, with his wife Michelle, they have identified three regions, Napa Valley and Edna Valley in California and Priorat in Spain that fit their discerning criteria and established luxury wineries in each of these regions.